Sekolah Pertanian Relawan Desa (Setara) collaborates with Senyum Raya and Kader Lingkungan IPB University to hold a webinar with the theme “Pekarangan Pangan Lestari: Seberapa Pentingkah?” held on the 30th of June. Pekarangan Pangan Lestari is an activity to utilize yards, creating an eco-friendly space to fulfill the nutritional needs of the household. Other than that, Pekarangan Pangan Lestari can also be used to diversify local food resources, preservation of food plants for the future and increased income for the benefit of the whole.

Prof Dr hadi Susilo Arifin, a professor of IPB University and also Head of Landscape Manage Division of the Landscape Architecture Department, Faculty of Agriculture became a speaker in the event. He thinks that productive yards are ones that can produce flowers, fruits and vegetables, able to absorb carbon to reduce air pollution, protect soil structure and water, conserve various amounts of flora and fauna, increase aesthetic value of the environment and supporting a healthy space for all the living creatures in and around it.

“in eco-friendly yard utilization that can also fulfill food needs, a good management strategy is needed. Yards or small scale farmland is optimized for subsistence farming. Yards in aggregated lands on a village can use the zoning approach. Yards that are managed for production can be used commercially (cash crops) or sustainable management through cooperative seed nursery.

For that reason, it is important to have socializations to produce competent human resources to further develop agriculture infrastructure. Ones that are able to create a sturdy agriculture business that is more profitable, more prosperous and creates a healthier environment,” he explains.

“This activity is very good because it gives new knowledge on how to manage yards better to optimize self-sustenance. I hope that after this webinar, the knowledge that we have received can be applied on our own lives,” said Theresia Sekar Hamukti, the principal of Setara School. (IAAS/RCD)


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